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Carterknowle SDA Gospel Campaign - August 19th- Sept 2nd 2017

Carterknowle SDA Gospel Campaign

Hope in the Age of Fear
Speaker: Pastor Carlton Douglas
Date: August 19th - September 2nd 2017

Date Title
Sabbath morning 19th The breakdown of trust?

Sabbath evening 19th Can anyone help?

Sunday 20th The transforming power of grace.

Monday 21st A world in turmoil

Tuesday 22nd Nothing needs hold you back

Wednesday 23rd Who can stop Terrorism?

Thursday 24th REST

Friday 25th God always answers on time.

Sabbath morning 26th Trick or treat

Sabbath evening 26th The secret of a happy home.

Sunday 27th Sleeping with the enemy.

Monday 28th Where is the bride?

Tuesday 29th We don’t talk anymore.

Wednesday 30th The value of prayer.

Thursday 31st REST

Friday 1st Rest for a restless world.

Sabbath morning 2nd Baptism The waiting is over.

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