ADRA is the humanitarian arm of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. ADRA believes in the dignity of people and their capacity to overcome the problems and pressures which can crush or exploit them. These may be rooted in climate, geography, or in the more complex areas of economics, politics and social conditions.

ADRA works in partnership with people who, regardless of race, gender, religion or politics, work together for the basic human rights of food, shelter and a reasonable quality of life.

ADRA believes that there are sufficient material resources in the world to enable all people to find a measure of fulfillment and to meet their basic human needs. ADRA is committed, therefore to a process which encourages people to recognize and develop their potential and decide their own values and priorities.

Compared to the world's need, ADRA's contribution is modest within the constraints of our limited resources, but we can serve as a small scale catalyst helping small groups become self-reliant and to combat the oppressive factors in their environment. ADRA is committed to sustainable development. ADRA-UK is a Registered Charity.

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