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If you are new to Sheffield you will soon discover that many buses go through the town from one side of the city to the other rather than to and from the main interchange/bus station near the railway station. This means that in the city centre there are areas where a number of bus routes converge that act as a series of mini bus interchanges.

If you are staying in Sheffield for some time and planning to travel by bus you will find that it helps a lot to make the acquaintance of the enquiry desk in a bus interchange or Travel Centre, collect a bus route map and individual bus time tables of the most useful routes. Those who are 'map-phobic' can always rely on the enquiry staff. There should be maps of bus routes available.

The main bus service is First Mainline. The Company Stagecoach has recently commenced competing but they currently do not always operate in the evening or on Sundays.

Remember that both bus routes and bus timetables can change at ANY time during the year and the following information may become out of date very quickly. If you are looking for bus services, always check with the on-line time table by entering the route number/service number into the time table search engineclick here. Alternatively ring Traveline (on 01709 515151) between 07.00 and 22.00 7 days a week for details of ALL transport in South Yorkshire.

The Journey Planner Site may help but often seems complex. The YourNextBus is worth exploring for its internet, WAP & mobile phone facilities.

Please always check both travel times and also check that the bus route number you want is on the bus stand you are waiting in. All details given below are given in good faith and an change without warning.

Since the destination boards are not always changed correctly at the end of a run, it is always wise to check with the driver when you are getting on the bus if you are not used to the route!

To Burngreave Church

Andover Street, Pitsmoor, Sheffield, S3 9EE.

The is a good bus service from the city centre.

All of the following can be caught on Eyre Street Moorhead, Arundel Gate and Castle Gate. The following table gives the final destination for each bus and the bus stop at each location.


ServiceProbable Bus DestinationEye Street MoorheadArundel GateCastle Gate
20 & 20A Southey Green & Hillsborough MH2 CS1 & AG5 CG14
33 Southey Green & Hillsborough MH2 CS1 & AG2 CG14
75 & 76 Chapel Town & High Green not known not known not known
83 & 88 Ecclesfield & High Green ? not known AG4? CG12
97 & 97A Parson Cross & Ecclesfield MH2 CS1 & AG5 CG14


Get off the bus at Burngreave click here and walk up Andover Road to the churchclick here. It is at the far end of the road, (a good six minutes uphill), an imposing grey stone built church on the left hand side of Andover Road.


Get directions to or from Burngreave Seventh-day Adventist Church.

To Manor Newstart

St Swithun's (Anglican/Baptist) Church, by corner of Wulfric Rd/Cary Rd., Sheffield S2 1JP. For contact details see contacts page.

You can travel by bus or in comfort by tram.


To travel by tram take the purple route in the Herdings direction or  the blue route in the Halfway direction. Get off at the Spring Lane Stop, walk a few yards onto City Road and turn right uphill.  After a few hundred yards turn left into Wulfric Road opposite to Kwick (by the second traffic lights after leaving Spring Lane) and walk down it to the church. It is on a large traffic island. It is a good ten minutes walk from the tram stop. (See Map)


There are plenty of buses that go up City Road near to St Swithun's church.

Two of the most frequent bus routes are number 41 and 42. Each run every ten or fifteen minutes and may be labelled Waterthorpe, Halfway or possibly even Crystal Peak. Get off at the City Road/Wulfric Road bus stop, walk down City Road 50 yards and turn right into Wulfric Road (opposite to the Kwick Fit garage). Walk down Wulfric Road to the church that is on a large traffic island. It is a good seven minutes walk. (See Map) The return bus stop is almost opposite to the end of Wulfric Road.

(There is a bus -number 10 - that stops outside the church. Unfortunately it only runs once an hour and takes nearly an hour to get from Sheffield centre. Not advised.)

Travellers arriving in Sheffield by train can access the trams directly via from the overhead walkway in the Railway Station. Those arriving by coach at Sheffield Interchange can catch the 41/42 bus at the Interchange or from the City centre.


Get directions to or from Manor Seventh-day Adventist Church
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