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 The National Geographic magazine published an article in November 2005 stating that there were three groups of people in the world renowned for their longevity, Seventh-day Adventists being one of them (also see). Adventists have always had an interest in maximising their enjoyment in this life as well as the next and are eager to share their way of life with everyone.


Do you want to take charge of your life and health and make the most of the body you have been born with? There are courses here that are intended to help you do this.

They are free and some can be done on-line.

Solid health information that can help increase the years you have and especially improve the quality of life in those years so check it out now.



Don't believe everything that you read in the papers about health (you are not the only one who has noticed that it is often contradictory!). Often it is because the papers just do not report what the medical scientists have really said. The UK National Health Service web site does an excellent job of telling us what the research really said in Behind The Headlines. There are links to the most recent articles in the right column of this page.


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