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  • 3 Angels Broadcasting (3AB).
  • Adventist Review. Also Back issues of the Adventist Review are available. Downloads are normally free, only to subscribers. Residents of counties outside the USA can obtain subscriptions free of charge. USA residents have to pay. To get your free subscription if outside the USA, follow the links to “Log In”, “If you do not subscribe to the print edition, register here”, “To register without subscribing to the print journal, click here.” and hopefully you should have got to the page “Register with the Adventist Review Online NOW – Overseas members”.
  • Adventist World the monthly international magazine intended for the world church. Back issues are downloadable. The site has been launched initially in English but French, Spanish and Korean, among other languages, are to be added in the coming months. Access is open & free.
  • Amazing Facts.
  • Hope Channel UK a partially UK sourced TV channel intended specifically for the UK.
  • It is Written.
  • Life Development.
  • Life Info
  • Ministry Magazine – An International Journal for Pastors. The archive is searchable and goes back to 1928

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