Prayer Meeting

Prayer at Carterknowle

Talking and Sharing

We meet at 7.30pm in the church each Wednesday evening for a time for talking and sharing with each other & with God.

We believe that the prayer meeting is the power house of the church.

Why Prayer?

We believe that God is a personal God, a God that is interested in each one of us, a God who loves to involves himself with every aspect of our lives — if invited.

Christ himself told us that not even one sparrow falls without God eing aware of it. When Christ told us to call God, ‘Father’ he used the word that a child would use, that is ‘dad’ or ‘daddy’. This is the sort of relationship that we can have with God. The sort of relationship he wants us to have.

When we have grown up with an earthly father, as we become adults we sometimes become closer and sometimes become more distant to our dads. This process is largely determined by the meaningful contact that we have with him; how much time we spend talking with him; how much meaningful time we spend with him. It is exactly the same with our heavenly father. Only as we spend time talking with God do we build our relationship with him. This is part of what prayer is.

It is often said, that one can be a good Christian without going to church. The New Testament makes it abundantly clear that we are not intended to function as individuals but as part of a group, functioning as a kind of extended family. Yes we can be Christians without being part of the church (or a group of other Christians) but we miss out on so, so much if we do. Let’s face it, we are told to meet together.

Meeting together in a prayer meeting is one of those activities where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Prayer is one of those things that we can do although we do not understand fully how it works. Prayer changes things. It changes situations. It can changes us. Prayer enables the Holy Spirit to enter our lives and slowly but surely make us into the kind of people that God wants us to be. Though our prayers God can also work with other people.