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Bible and Sabbath School Resources

Bible and Sabbath School Resources

New to the Bible?

Try the Discover Bible School.

It has free bible courses both on-line and by post. Nothing to buy, no obligation. They are intended for anyone who seeks assistance in studying the Bible for themselves.

There is also a course intended for the 7 to 12 year old age group as well as several on healthful living. All are intended to help put ‘life into living’. Check it out today.

Sabbath School Bible Study support material

  • Weekly Teachers Lesson copies can be downloaded here.
  • Weekly Adult Lesson copies can be downloaded from here.
  • Free Downloadable Sabbath School lessons for all ages. Click the link "To access the official Sabbath School Bible study guides". The direct link keeps changing but is here at present and also here.
  • iphone and android apps are produced by the Sabbath School and Personal Ministries department of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists give access to print content from Beginner through the Adult Bible Study Guide. The app is simply called “Sabbath School.” (French version is called “Ecole Sabbath””) It provides links to all lessons in PDF format, which are downloaded when you click on them.Also included are the Kindergarten and Primary audio podcasts, the Kindergarten animation podcast, the weekly reading of the Collegiate Quarterly, Sabbath School University video, Sabbath School University audio, and podcasts in various languages. Sabbath School Leaders can discover ideas in Cool Tools and access the Sabbath School Manual right from the app. The app is available for free in the iTunes app store or at the Android app store.
  • There is an additional Android app, "Sabbath School Quarterly", which is an excellent provider for the adult quarterly also available from the official Android market. For Android users who only want access to the adult lesson it is probably the preferable option.
  • Sabbath School Network Lay member run site with aids to bible study. Contains links to the Sabbath School Lesson in various languages including English.
  • Sabbath School Lesson Resources at Pine Knoll - Sabbath School discussion audio downloads
  • GoBible Additional input into the Adult Sabbath School Lesson intended for teachers but useful for all.
  • An organised online Sabbath School Class run by Hope TV. It can be watched on Hope TV schedules or alternatively can be watched online on-demand at Sabbath School TV.
  • Doug Batchelor and the Sacramento Central SDA Church discuss the current Sabbath School lesson. Audio in WMA format.
  • Sabbath School subforum in the Club Adventist forum The subforum usually has a list of of the full bible quotes etc plus some Bible commentary quotes for each weeks lesson study. At the time of writing you do not need be a forum member to access these.
  • Good Word Online Taped 15 min discussion on each lesson that can be listened to or downloaded. From Walla Walla College in America.
  • Youth Program Ideas
  • Sharing Scripture
  • Praise Music
  • GC Sabbath School
  • Children's Ministries

Audio Sabbath School Bible Studies

  • Audio Bible Studies. These are audio recordings of the Adult Church Sabbath School lesson studies intended to be listened as streamed audio over the internet. They are prepared by 'Christian Record Services for the blind'. With the right software they can be downloaded for listening at leisure.

Smart Phone Bibles

There are a number of bible programs for the iphone and Adroid systems. For those using Logos on their desktops or laptops the Logos app is a must. I can only speak for the Android for other programs. For those who wish to have off-line access to a variety of bible translations Tecarta is well worth exploring. The Tacarta King James version is free but other version addons can purchased at a small price. For those members or regular visitors who need a WiFi to access bibles and quarterlies and can't find someone who knows the router password please email the web master - see the contacts page.

General Church Bible Study material

General Bible Study support material

  • Early Church Writings
  • Bible Gateway - on-line Bible
  • Church History - Massive resource of material - take a look.
  • E-Sword - Electronic bible FREE!!! Variety of translations including modern ones plus commentaries all free. Pocket E-Sword also available.
  • Flow Chart type Bible Time Lines
  • Online Bible - The original free electronic Bible, free to download basic bibles and commentaries, pay for modern versions if required.
  • - Another massive source of assorted resources - take a look.
  • Bible Researcher - a vast amount of material including access to a wide variety of commentaries.
  • Android Market For those perspicacious enough to own an Android smart phone, there is a rapidly growing range of materials for Chriustians in general and Adventists in particular. Hymnals, Bibles, Adventist News, EG White materials. All free or at nominal cost. Remember the church has WiFi. If you attend regularly and cannot find the password, please email us using the address on the contacts page. (Please don't ask our Pastor about this, he is snowed under with emails already!)

Missionary Support Materials

Please feel free to suggest links to constructive bible study material.

Other Languages

Czech Sabbath School Bible Study Guides

Danish Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guides

French Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guides

German Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guides

Italian Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guides

Norwegian Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guides

Portuguese Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guides

Romanian Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guides

Russian Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guides

Slovakian Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guides

Spanish Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guides

Swedish Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guides

With grateful thanks to the Sabbath School Network at for researching this resource.

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