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Studying in Sheffield

Studying in Sheffield


The city of Sheffield has two major universities situated in the heart of the city. Sheffield University with its long tradition of over a hundred years of providing excellence and Hallam University a modern expanding and cutting edge institution. Both provide a high standard of education in excellent surroundings.

Attached to Sheffield University you will also find the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, an outstanding centre of medical teaching for nurses and doctors where some of our members have previously studied.

Access and transport to either university is made easy by well structured and well placed bus, rail and tram connections.

Suitable accommodation is widespread across the city with some very stylish and high tech facilities as well as the more standard forms. Many estate agents have student portfolio’s as well as specialist student providers and they provide a good service for new students in need of finding the right accommodation at the right price.

Shops and shopping are just a stones through away from either of the universities with all the high street brand names on the door step. A recently refurbished city centre makes shopping a nice day out with many café styled places to get a bit to eat various areas where you can just sit and read and watch the world go by.

Additionally a bus, tram or train stop away you can find South Yorkshire’s biggest and busiest shopping mall – Meadow Hall where you can spend the whole day with its seeming limitless selection of things to buy all under one roof.

The jewel of Sheffield is actually just on the western edge of the city. Foot, cycle, bus or train will take you five miles from the city first to the more rural areas of Sheffield and then into the Peak District. As well as being the first National Park in the UK it provides excellent opportunities for walking, cycling, rock climbing, hang gliding paragliding etc. Here you can refresh your spirit in the wonders of nature and meditate on the goodness of God as well as having a brilliant day out testing muscles and sinews.

The greenest city in England, it is not suprising that Sheffield has one of the highest student retention rates of any University city.

Church Life

Studying away from home always brings certain concerns one of which is church life.

Carterknowle and Manor churches are situated 15 minutes away from the universities and each are warm, vibrant and engaging. In recent years we have had students from Liverpool, Humberside, London, France, Spain, Portugal, Slovakia, Hungary, Argentina, Zimbabwe, Martinique, Jamaica and Zambia to mention a few. All of whom enjoyed church life; all of whom we were able to support in some way.

Choosing a university is a very significant decision, choosing a church is even more significant. At Carterknowle and Manor SDA church you will find a lively and warm congregation with a strong emphasis on the word of God. Youth programs and activities are planned regularly with prayer being a major focus. Fellowship meals after the Saturday morning services occur regularly as church fellowship is seen as an important element of the Christian life, especially as a student. So why not pay us a visit and see why so many have chosen to study and worship in Sheffield.

As you contemplate these decisions, it is our prayer that God may guide you to His purpose for your life.

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