Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Carter Knowle Seventh-day Adventist Church


The Love Lifted Me Project


To serve as Christ served.  Our commitment and drive is to show the love of God through practical solutions, which will aid physical, social and spiritual welfare. 


Phase 1 - 2017

  • Feed 20% of Sheffield’s homeless population in 2017-2018. On average this equates to feeding 300 people across 6 Sabbaths per year.
  • Rehousing assistance. Partnering with recognised Housing Associations and Homeless Shelters.

 Phase 2 - 2018

  • Health & Wellbeing assistance. Partnering with recognised Health Partners
  • Skills for Life. Partnering with Government bodies to provide assistance with Education and Employment.

The Team

 The team consists further of a pool of volunteers that commit their time to any given stage of the program.





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