What We Do

What We Do

This is a brief listing of some of our key activities. Contact us for current times.

Saturday Bible Class

9.45 Saturday – A time to worship God together. The centre point comes when we split into small study groups to share how God is working in our lives. In our groups we discuss a passage from the bible that we have individually read and studied during the past week. In particular we discuss its relevance to our lives today. Since groups develop their own personalities, you may wish to try different groups during your first few visits.

There are also separate programs for younger age groups.


11.15 Saturday – We all come together on a Saturday morning to celebrate our faith in God and thank him for what he has done (and is still doing) for us through music, word and prayer.

Youth Worship

16.30 or 17.00 Saturday (the time varies during the year).

Talking & Listening to God and Each Other

19.30 Wednesday – We meet together to share with each other & with God the high and low points of our lives during the past week. We also study a short section of the Bible and talk with God in individual and corporate prayer.

Children & Young Teen Activities

11.00 am Sunday – The Pathfinders & Adventurers meet. These are youth organisations similar in some ways to the concept to the Scout movement but with some big differences.

Drop-in Centre

11.00 to 15.00 Thursday – A place for old and young to ‘drop in’ for company and a meal at a reasonable cost. Sometimes there are health or medical talks. If there are no talks arranged most people arrive around 12.00.

Social Activities

Various activities take place depending on the weather and the energy level of the individual members both in organising and participating! These can range from mountain biking to dominoes and 10 pin bowling to a full church outing.

Cookery Classes

19.00 Occasional Mondays during the year; We believe in making the most of this life as well as looking forward to the next. Part of this includes preparing and eating healthy, tasty meals so we run regular vegetarian cookery demonstrations. We get a good mixture of men as well as ladies and young as well as the not so young.

For some strange reason there always seem to be even more people at the tasting session at the close of the meeting than there are for the actual demonstrations. This could be a good advert for the dishes that have been prepared. There is a nominal charge for materials.


Music has always played an important part in our worship and leisure.

There is a worship group that leads singing in the main service and also small church based singing groups.

Youth Retreats

‘Long weekend’ house parties are arranged by & for the youth & young adults at least once a year. This has taken place at a centre in Edale in the last few years. The intention is to challenge anew with the message of salvation and have a great time together. Other weekends away are also arraigned.

Community Action

Our church has always placed working within the community as an essential part of our ministry. Over the years local projects for those in need have ranged from decorating houses to supplying emmergency food. We tie in with our church run international Non-Government Organisation a