Worship Time

We meet together each Saturday morning at around 11.15 (following on from our Bible Class) to continue worshipping God in our main worship service.

We celebrate our faith in God and thank him for what he has done (and is still doing) for us through music, word, prayer and a bible message.

It is a time for the church family to meet together and celebrate corporately what God has done for us.

Join us to see how we worship and join with us in worshipping God.

What do we mean by worship?

Worship is the expression of our love and praise to God for who he is and for the great things he has done. We proclaim the wonderful things about him and that he is entitled to our praise.

It is where and how we meet God.

Worship is not what we make our bodies do, (singing, kneeling, or praying), but worship consists of who we are, what our heart is feeling.

Different people groups worship in different ways but the aim should be still the same.

It is all too easy to think that we worship God only in church or with a group of fellow Christians in someone’s home. We might include times that we set aside during the week or when walking in beautiful countryside.

A problem many of us have is dividing things into secular & religious. In the beginning of all things only God existed. He made stuff like heaven, angels, the world, pigs, and music. God created everything to glorify himself. There is not one thing that was created that did not glorify God. Can God make something that does not glorify himself? No. God did not make a sacred and a secular; everything to God was God’s. In God’s universe there is no such separation, all
is unified as glorifying to God.

It is not too strong to say that there is evil in splitting God’s world into a sacred and secular. If we believe that non-spiritual is useless, it leads us into thinking that God does useless things. It leads us to think our jobs are useless to God, and that we must trudge through our jobs just so we can get to the one spiritual day (and therefore the only useful day) when we can really worship God. Very destructive thinking.

Worship defines who & what we are. It makes our lives meaningful, and gives us security.

Whatever we worship is the “non-negotiable” part of our lives. It is that one thing, should we lose it or part with it, that brings both devastation and hopelessness to our lives. Most people in our western culture give first place to friends, lovers, success, brand names, justice, and a host of other significant facets of life. Not dangerous in them selves unless we make them our God. All of them can and will let us down – other than God.

This means that everything that we do should be to God’s glory. If we don’t, we are still worshipping – but not God. Everyone worships. Some worship football, music, walking, keep-fit, TV, eating, work, being a church minister. These things are not intrinsically bad or good.

If we do them all actively to the glory of God (not easy going into a good tackle on the football field or carrying out a difficult interview at work) then when we come together to worship we will find that we are not bored but eager to be involved as part of a worshipping church.

Thus, we are all worshiping something or someone.

Worship is what we do at church.

Worship is what we do out of church.

It is who we worship that governs our lifestyle.

The word worship derives from ‘worth-ship’ literally meaning to give something or someone its due worth. For Christians, worship is at the heart of our life as a faith community. Through our worship we give honour and praise to God but we are also drawn into the mystery of God and into a deeper relationship with God. In the elements that make up worship – words and music, silence and symbols, movement, ritual, prayer, preaching, and the imaginative combination of these elements – we are called to engage with hearts, minds, senses and imagination in the love of God made visible in Jesus Christ and experienced in the life and power of the Holy Spirit. In the worship of God, the full meaning of our lives and of our humanity is made real through the transforming purposes of God.

  • Worship is the reason behind the creation of all things! Nehemiah 9:6; Psalm 95:3-6; Romans 1:20-23; Revelation 4:9-11
  • Worship is the realization of the holiness of god! Joshua 5:13-15; I Chronicles 16:28-29; Psalm 29:1-2; 96:8-9; 99:1-3, 5, 9
  • Worship is the recognition of our sin and unworthiness before God! Exodus 34:6-9; Nehemiah 9:1-3
  • Worship is the result of those who know the greatness and power of God! Psalm 66:1-4; Revelation 4:8-11; 11:15-17; 15:3-4;19: 1-4